Tuesday, June 30, 2009

More House Work

Just when we are almost finished with one project, Lowell and I usually jump into something else around the house. Above is a photo of our almost completed family room. Lowell just needs to put up the baseboards and I need to add a few more decorations and it should be completed.

But instead of finishing an easy project we decided to jump back into the kitchen. We were not to happy with the way the paint job turned out on the cabinets so we spent the past two weekends stripping and sanding them. First, we removed all of the items from the cabinets, which is why our living room and dining room looks like we are having a rummage sale.
Last night Lowell had to finish up his CLE (Continuing Legal Education) credits on the online. So we set up the laptop with some speakers in the kitchen and went to work staining the cabinets. The CLE was 2 1/2 hours long so needless to say we got a lot done for a Monday night.

It is hard to get the full effect without the cabinet doors hung up, but we hope to get to those this weekend. Here is a closer look of the stain on the cabinet.

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