Wednesday, September 8, 2010

A day with Little Lowell.

Little Lowell is now about 6 1/2 weeks and we are beginning to establish a daily routine that involves activities other than sleeping and eating. I still wouldn't quite call it a schedule, because we are still usually on what we call "Little Lowell time." Although our day will usually progress in the same order, it hardly ever happens at the same exact time.

He likes to spend some time with his dad before he heads off to work and this usually involves some cuddle time and a story in the morning.
He also loves his walks. When I was pregnant I imagined myself taking Little Lowell for nice long walks in his stroller. We spent a long time researching what would be the perfect stroller for our needs. Little did we know that our child would have his own list of needs which did not include a stroller.
Many times he only wants to be carried or held in a sling. Right now we don't mind spoiling him since he's still lightweight, but we hope he eventually starts enjoying his stroller as well.
We also have him do "tummy time" several times a day. This is where he lays on his stomach and starts developing his neck muscles to lift and hold his head up.
He is becoming a good little sleeper at night, but we're still working on naps during the day. Little Lowell is quite the active little guy and keeps me very busy.
In a previous post we mentioned the swing that we had purchased for Lowell, it turns out that Lowell is not a very big fan of that swing and would get very upset if we even attempted to put him in it. My mom thought that he might be frightened by it because it was so large so she got him a smaller swing. Although he does not spend very much time in it he does seem to enjoy it every so often. We now think my mom may have been on to something (she usually is!).

When Lowell gets home there is usually more playtime before dinner, followed by a walk with his dad.
(Getting excited for his walk)
(Strapped in the baby carrier)
(Looking Comfortable)
(Tired after his walk)
Little Lowell loves his bath and he gets one every night before bed time.

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