Monday, March 28, 2011

Water Baby

We can't believe how quickly March has come and gone. Little Lowell has kept us very busy, but we are enjoying every second of it. He just turned eight months but he could probably pass for a one year old. He is still enjoying his swim classes and although he is the youngest baby in the pool, he is by far the biggest. He loves to splash in the water and is geting pretty good at kicking his feet.
(Going under the bridge)
(Hanging out with dad)
(Interating with the other babies)
He has one more lesson next week before we take a break from swim class for a couple weeks. Between Easter and Lisa's baby due to come around the 18th, April is shaping up to be a very busy month.
We spent a day on Canyon Lake this Sunday and Little Lowell had a great time. The water was still much too cold for any of us to swim it it, but we all had fun watching Lowell III kayak out into the lake.
Though it will still be many years before Little Lowell has a kayak of his own we had to have him pose for a couple of pics for us.
(Lowell on the lake)
(Having fun with Grandma and Grandpa)
(Watching dad come in)
We took a short walk and got the chance to test out his hiking carrier. We want to take a trip to the Grand Canyon in the fall and were hoping to use the carrier, but at the rate Little Lowell is growing we might have to come up with another plan.

(Nice spot for a nap)

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