Saturday, February 18, 2012

San Diego Trip

Little Lowell and I are sick of this cold weather. Now I know that our winters here are not much to complain about, but even the most mildest winters are tough when your child hates wearing clothes and wants to be outside all of the time! Since I can't do anything about the weather I thought I would reminisce about our trip to San Diego that we took last summer.  I can't believe how much my little guy has grown.  This trip was Little Lowell's first visit to California and where he also decided to take his first steps.
(Seaport Village)
 (Coronado Beach)
 (Watching the waves)
 (Playing in the Sand)
 (Surf Lessons)
 (Big Smile)
 (Flying a kite with Dad. Moments after taking this picture we were informed by the life guard that flying a kite on that beach was a national security risk because military planes fly very close by!)
 (Watching the dolphins with Mom)
 (Meeting Elmo. After going through all of the pictures I was a little annoyed that the only family picture we remembered to take the entire trip was with Elmo.)
 (Shamu Show)
 (Watching the Boats)
 (FIRST STEPS!!! I was so happy I had my camera out for this)
 (Loves the Carousel)
 (Having Fun)
We had such and amazing trip and can't wait to go back. Our next trip to California will probably be to Disney Land. Some of our friends have recommended waiting until Little Lowell is about 2 1/2 so that he can really enjoy the experience and stand through waiting in all of the lines.

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